I created my USC pitch video based off of a previous pitch that I had worked on last school year, which was a finalist in the Northwest Entrepreneur Competition. To begin with, I created my storyboard and later wrote my script matching it. I imported my storyboard into Procreate and illustrated each frame by hand, later taking it into Adobe Premiere to assemble. 

All of my frames were designed to be viewable in 4k at 30 FPS, which is something I have never previously attempted. Stylistically, I am sure most people are familiar with or have heard of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. I created all of my frames with heavy influence from the movie, wanting it to feel almost like a comic book.

After the art was completed, I worked with my friend Kate to be my voice actor. After some discussion with my teacher, we decided it would be best to have someone else voice the video (I have a very calm and quieter voice, which did not fit the tone of this particular video!)

The final video took overall about 6 days to complete, planning and all.

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