I created the m10 Design Studio pitch video for the 2020 school year, and as a way to introduce our course to the school (Mead High School.) 
I also helped to create some descriptions of our program:
"Design Studio is a multi-age, multi-disciplinary 4-period block class focused around interdisciplinary and hands-on schoolwork. Design Studio students use human-centered design as an approach to problem-solving to create real-world solutions for real-world problems.
The m10 Design Studio is a project-based learning environment where the student will ultimately take control of their own learning by designing their own projects. The teachers in Design Studio are committed to arming students with the tools, organizational, intellectual, and physical, to empower students to become agents of change in their own lives.
Because Design Studio is focused around the post-secondary needs of each individual student, the students in Design Studio are prepared to attend college, the military, or even start their own businesses. Design Studio students have been accepted to schools such as Pratt, USC, University of Washington, Arizona State, UC Berkeley, and all of the local Eastern Washington Universities. Design Studio students have an excellent track record of receiving multiple scholarships to attend these universities."

The pitch video was created within 3 days, animated in Adobe Premiere, with assets created in Procreate. Voiced by Koryn Damiano. 

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