I was selected as a pilot to fly in the 2024 Air Race Classic from Carbondale, Illinois, to Loveland, Colorado for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott. Along with being selected as a racer, I was also in charge of all of our branding, polos, and design work that would be displayed on the aircraft as we flew across the nation. 
We wanted something that was inspired by the school's location, the American Southwest, so I chose to go with western-themed designs for the race. The Posters and plane stickers feature a cowgirl, while the polo designs have the Arizona flag overlaid over the team numbers "44" and "45" on the backs.
Sketches were drafted in Procreate, then the vector design work was done in Adobe Illustrator which was then prepared for screenprinting.
Photos by Connor McShane

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