Created for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, AT-406 (En route Non-Radar Operations) led by Kyle Wilkerson, the Air Traffic Management program's capstone course. 
"In 1981, the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controller’s Organization) went on strike in hopes of gaining a better salary and better work conditions in an already strained industry. Ronald Reagan fired 11,345 striking controllers, leaving such a massive deficit that the FAA is still fighting to replenish today. This has long strained the NAS and the culmination of all of these issues has manifested themselves in sinister ways, with 300 near misses being reported in the past 12 months. This can be attributed to the Air Traffic Controller shortage, the stresses they are facing because of that, and the obscene system that replaces them."
For this project, I began by writing a paper that was later transcribed to be made into a short-form video. The transcript can be found in the Youtube video linked above.
After the script was done, I made plans for all of the images that would be used in the video essay. They were photobashed together, illustrated, and then put into Adobe After Effects for motion tweeting then exported to be assembled in Adobe Premiere, where I recorded the voiceover and added music.
The project took about 3 months of planning, while the video and final images took about a week to create and animate.

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